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Regular Visits

Avoid relapse with regular chiropractic care!

Adjustment room

Avoid relapse with regular visits.

At Kore~Energy care is customized based on individual needs and comfort levels. Each adjustment could range in time depending on which technique is being used to get your maximum results.

But don’t think the brevity of a regular visit lessens its value! With the groundwork laid, we can quickly size up the condition of your spine and nervous system, adjust you and get you on your way.

Like a regular workout at the gym, each visit builds on the ones before. Miss a visit and you can lose the momentum necessary to make the needed changes.

We recognize your time is valuable. So we do everything possible to run on time and minimize the impact on your busy life.

Spinal problems rarely get better on their own. Call our Mississauga chiropractic office today to get started with chiropractic care!