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Relaxation Massage

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What is the difference between a Relaxation massage and Therapeutic massage?

Some people aren’t aware that there are different styles of massage that have different purposes and can help you in different ways. Two of the most common styles of massage are “Relaxation” massage (aka Swedish massage) and “Remedial” massage, (aka Therapeutic massage). Some people may have heard of these two massage styles but aren’t quite sure what the difference is…

Relaxing massageThe focus of a relaxation massage is to de-stress, calm and relax the mind and body. It’s a less specific form of physical therapy than remedial massage in regard to pain relief, but is still very therapeutic especially with the busy lives we live today, as it is great at relieving the stress that is held in the body and the mind. This massage style aids with your mental and emotional health, as it calms the mind and settles the nervous system. Relaxation massage provides a general loosen up, encourages blood flow throughout the body, and helps boost the immune system by stimulating the lymphatics.

Relaxation massage is great for people who’ve had a stressful week/month, as it allows the body to catch up and recharge. A relaxation massage treatment will usually involve flowing strokes and kneading, performed with a light-moderate type pressure.

It’s a pain free therapy and an effective way to de-stress and relax the mind and body.

Elbow massaging shoulderThe intention in remedial massage is to ‘remedy’ the body. This style of massage holistically looks at the entire body, with its focus being treating pain, structural dysfunctions and helping in injury rehabilitation.

Remedial massage therapists use assessments and tests to find out what structures are causing your pain or your postural dysfunction. Usually, muscular pain such as low back pain, is caused by either weak muscles, overactive muscles or compensating muscles. Once the remedial therapist has found the cause of your pain/discomfort, the massage will then be focused around treating the muscles that are causing the pain in your body. Therefore, remedial massage is specifically tailored to each individual unlike relaxation massages.

A remedial massage will involve a variety of techniques, targeting specific muscle groups. Some techniques include trigger point therapy, PNF stretching, Myofascial release and muscle stripping. The pressure in remedial massage can be at times deeper than in relaxation massage, but always working in what is tolerable for the client.

People who will benefit from a remedial massage include anyone who is experiencing muscle tension, or anyone experiencing acute or chronic pain, some examples being low back or neck pain. Like relaxation massage, remedial massage is also beneficial at stimulating blood flow throughout the body and assisting in toxin removal.

Although remedial massage may not be considered as relaxing at a relaxation massage, it’s still very effecting at calming the mind and body. Especially seems like remedial massage treatments can take away your musculoskeletal pain, which has a direct effect on your mental and emotional state.

Both styles of massage are very therapeutic and beneficial. Depending on the individual and their current circumstances, a relaxation massage or remedial massage will be most suited. If you’re feeling stressed and exhausted a relaxation massage is going to be most valuable. If you’re experiencing musculoskeletal or neural pain and tension, or need help in regard to strength or flexibility, then a remedial massage is going to be most beneficial.

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