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Meet the Team at Kore~Energy Chiropractic

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Applying acupuncture needles

Meet Nina Tang

Nina has a certification in acupuncture. Nina continues to update and educate herself through workshops and seminars to better service her clients.

To book an acupuncture appointment call Kore~Energy Chiropractic at (905) 369-5433.

Faith Martin

Meet Faith Martin

Faith is a registered massage therapist specializing in Reflexology and Functional Massage. Reflexology reduces stress, muscle tension and pain and inflammation in the body through the hands and feet. Functional Massage is a 1/2 hour appointment done without oils (you remain clothed). It is a movement based clinical treatment. Faith also provides the traditional deep tissue Swedish Massage.

To book a massage therapy appointment call Kore~Energy Chiropractic at (905) 369-5433!

Meet the Team at Kore~Energy Chiropractic | (905) 369-5433