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Meet the Team at Kore~Energy Chiropractic

Get to Know Us

Applying acupuncture needles

Meet Nina Tang

Nina Tang is one of Kore~Energy Chiropractic‘s registered massage therapists. She’s experienced in Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, foot reflexology, Chinese tunica, acupressure, hot stone scalp, bamboo massage and Shiatsu massage!

Her expertise includes treatments for migraine headaches, muscular pain, anxiety, muscle tension and so much more.

Nina also has a certification in acupuncture. Nina continues to update and educate herself through workshops and seminars to better service her clients.

To book an acupuncture appointment call Kore~Energy Chiropractic at (905) 369-5433.

Faith Martin

Meet Faith Martin

Faith is a registered massage therapist specializing in Reflexology and Functional Massage. Reflexology reduces stress, muscle tension and pain and inflammation in the body through the hands and feet. Functional Massage is a 1/2 hour appointment done without oils (you remain clothed). It is a movement based clinical treatment. Faith also provides the traditional deep tissue Swedish Massage.

To book a massage therapy appointment call Kore~Energy Chiropractic at (905) 369-5433!

Meet the Team at Kore~Energy Chiropractic | (905) 369-5433